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Welcome to my Pre-made Cover Gallery. 
Below you can find a gallery of the current Pre-Made Covers I have available to buy. 

All covers have been created by Andrew Dobell. 
Many have been photographed by Andrew as well. 

I plan on adding to this gallery as time goes on. 

See the images below.
Payment is by Direct Transfer or Paypal. 

- Images are sold on a first come first served basis.
- You're buying the exclusive rights to use the image for your book. 
- You will be buying an image WITHOUT Titles, unless you buy that extra service.
- You get to use the image exclusively, the image will be marked as SOLD once bought.
- You will be sent a full size, high res Jpeg of the image.
- You can use the image in all your promotional material, on social media etc etc. 
- I request that I am credited in the front matter of your novel, like so:
"Cover by Andrew Dobell"

Ebooks Vs Paper Backs
Most of the images below are made for Ebooks. 
I can edit Ebook Images into Paperback Images on request for an extra fee by extending the image out to the left.
Fees for this vary between £50 to £100, depending on the complexity of the image.

I can add custom titles to any of the images for you when you buy the image. 
Custom Titles are charged at £50.

Sequel Covers
Because I shot these images in Photoshoots, I have many more images of these models in these costumes. 
Meaning I can create a custom set of covers for other books in your series. 
Message me for details.
I can upload images from the shoots to a private gallery for you.

Email me with the name of the chosen design.

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