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Nothing beats getting out there and doing it when it comes to learning, but arranging a shoot with a model and studio can be a daunting thought.

Creative Edge Training offers ‘On the Shoot’ Training, with guidance by Professional Andrew Dobell, who arranges the shoot for you. Andrew will book the Studio and Model, shoot with you and guide you through any aspects you wish to learn.

The idea of these sessions is that they are tailored to your needs. So you can focus more on the lighting or posing or Photoshopping, but have the whole shoot experience as well.

Areas that can be taught include;
Arranging a shoot – How to do it
Working with your model
How to pose your model
Lighting with Studio equipment Lighting with Small Flashes – Flash Guns
Shooting in a Studio or on location
Post Processing – Downloading & File handing, best practice, editing in Lightroom or Photoshop, or both.

Base Fee
Book Andrew and a Model = £450
Session length = 5 hours
(Model shoot length = 2 hours on location & Post processing length = 3 hours at my office.)

Studio Hire = £50 for 2 hours
Make Up Artist = £78 – Standard Professional Make Over with extra hour at Studio for prep Make up & Styling = £103 - Extravagant Professional Make Over with extra time at Studio for prep, & Make Up Artist stays on site for whole shoot. Includes styling and props for pictures that WOW!

Extra Hours
Andrew = £55 per hour
Model = £30 per hour
Studio = £28 per hour

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