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Book Covers
Andrew Dobell can offer Authors his Cover Art and Design expertise to create captivating and
reader grabbing covers that sell your book, your brand and your genre. 

Covers are an essential part of any book, and can often mean the difference between a sale and not. 
Your cover must capture the buyer's attention, communicate the genre of book and ultimately, sell it. 
Andrew can offer you his Artistic expertise in creating a stunning image for your book, that does all of this, and looks great!

Book cover creation is a competative business, but I believe I offer a fair price for the covers that I create. 
I charge an hourly rate for my photoshop editing, plus costs. 
For Photoshoots, I have a set fee, plus costs. 

Please get in touch for more detail.

In addition to working with Stock Images, I can also arrange custom Photoshoots for your covers, so you have something truly unique. 

Through consultation with you, every step of the way, I will book a model (or two, or three), procure props and costumes and arrange the shoot. 

Typically you can expect to get a gallery of over 1000 images to choose from for your covers, 
meaning you should never run out of images, no matter how long your series is.

I have a new website for Stock images that are designed to be used for book covers. 
If you would like to look through the galleries of that site, you can do so here:

All the artwork below is mine, although some of the title design is not. 

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