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I'm Andrew Dobell, Artist and Author. 

I've been involved in creating commerical art ever since I left university. I've been a commercial illustrator, photographer and digital artist, creating artwork that's been printed on a wide range of products, including T-Shirts and other clothing, Posters, Bedding, Tattoos, Books, Websites, Brochures, Calendars, and so much more. 

Today, I offer my services primarily as a book cover artist for the author and publishing community. 

As an author myself, I understand the value of a cover as well as the tropes and what a cover needs to do. 

I'm always happy to discuss covers, so please feel free to reach out should you have a question. 

Thank you. 

You can contact me at:


Who owns the copyright to the Art/Cover?

You do. I do my covers on a 'Work for hire' basis, meaning that you, the client, owns the copyright to the art. I retain the right to use the Art for self promotion and display.

Why do you grant Copyright, and not a licence, like other cover artists?

The short answer is, I just prefer to work that way. There's lots of reasons why, but ultimately, after years of working freelance as an artist, this is my preferred way of working.

Why do you charge by the hour, rather than flat rate?

Because I feel it's a more honest and fair way of charging. I believe I should be paid for the amount of time I spend on an artwork, rather than just a flat rate of say, £400, to pull a number out of the air. There are covers I've spent 30 mins making and charged a half hour rate for, and there's covers I've spend over 20 hours on. If I was charging £400 for a 1 hour cover, I feel that's dishonest, but likewise, if I'm spending hours and hours on something to get it right, then I feel I need to the paid accordingly. When quoting, I always try to give a client an idea of hour long I feel it will take, but it's always just an estimate and open to change based on various factors. I always try to keep my clients up to date and aware of where I am on things, especially if they're taking longer than expected.

I have a budget for a cover, can you work to it?

Usually. I'd need to know what the budget is, and what the artwork needs to be. If you have a realistic budget, then please reach out and I'll see what I can do. I'm always happy to chat.

Can you make covers for XXXX genre of books?

I am happy to work in any genre.

I have a deadline Can you fit me in to your schedule?

Usually. Again, reach out and ask. I can usually shuffle things around and produce things on a very short time scale.

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