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One of the joys of Photography for me is being able to pass on my skills to others. I love teaching Photography, Lighting, Photoshop, posing and more. 
That's why I offer a range of options for those interesting in learning from me, including 1-2-1 Tuition, Online Tuition, Workshops and Videos.

I'm always looking for studios who wish to host one of my workshops and would love to hear from anyone interested in hosting one. 

See below for details on what I offer. 


Get custom 1-2-1 tuition from me as I guide you through the Photoshop or Photography techniques and skills. 
After a discussion of what you would like to learn, I help you learn what you want to know. 



Have a 1-2-1 tuition session with me on an actual photoshoot with a professional model. 
We discuss the concept, book the shoot and model, and afterwards, I guide you through the editing process of your images. 



Sometimes, 1 or 2 three hour sessions with me is just not enough to get you where you want to be with your photoshop or photography skills. With my mentoring program, you can learn from me on a more ongoing basis, both in person and Online, with lots of support. 

Coming soon
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Not everyone can come to the UK to have a tuition session with me, so this is a great alternative. 
Using Google Hangouts or Skype, we can connect and talk over the internet for your tuition session. I can share my screen with you so you can see what I'm doing. 



I run workshops and talks throughout the UK and beyond. 
My Photoshop compositing course is the main workshop I run, and I currently run it a few times a year. 



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I had been inspired by Andrew's composite images and wanted to learn how I could develop this skill. Andrew booked the studio and models and after a couple of hours shooting under his guidance we spent the rest of the day developing my photos. His knowledge and expertise was exactly what I was looking for and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to take their portrait photography to another level.
- Lloyd Moore

"Being an experienced photographer shows as Andrew makes great shots look easy, his eye for detail and ability to visualise the photo before hand from his artistic background makes him an excellent tutor and mentor. Highly recommend a day out with him!"

-Dilraj Farookh Eradhun

"I recently attended an amazing Photoshop compositing workshop with Andrew from Creative Edge Studios. Day was absolutely packed starting with an awesome model shoot at Square Ones fantastic studio setup. Andrew then took us step by step through how to composite our first image. Everything was clearly explained and nothing was too much trouble to go back over if we didn't get it first time. I learnt more about Photoshop in a few hours with Creative Edge than I had done in months on my own. Can't recommend attending one of their workshops enough - if you haven't booked one in yet then why not?"
- Mike Rowland

"My photoshop abilities were basic. I was self-taught and limited in my abilities. As a fellow convention photographer, I was amazed at what Andrew achieved in post production, to set his images apart from myself and others. His composites are second to none. I found that on a 1-2-1 basis I learnt a lot from Andrew in a short amount of time. With great patience and excellent teaching technique, Andrew was able to streamline my work process, showing me tools that I  had not yet used as well completely new (to me) techniques. I will be going back to Andrew again in the future, to take my work to the next level. Highly recommended."

- Darren Rowley

"Following Andrew’s work inspired me to composite again, after an absence of 15 years. When he began offering 1-2-1 tutorials I jumped at the chance to learn his secrets. The session was excellent, entirely tailored to me and the skills in I wanted to focus on. Andrew is a very passionate and patient teacher who I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to boost their Photoshop or streamline their processes. "
- Chris Caswell

"I booked a 1-2-1 session with Andrew after he worked on some images of mine and did a brilliant job on them. The 3 hours flew by and we covered a lot of ground, Andrew is a talented guy, a good communicator and knows his stuff.
We worked on 3 of my images and the difference that applying the techniques I learned have made a big difference.
I would recommend Andrew as a thoroughly professional tutor.
Thanks again."
- Simon Burgess

"Excellent workshop on how to do 'cut-outs' effectively and efficiently. Andrew's techniques for dealing with hair are easy to apply and worth the cost of the workshop alone. His hints and tips on planning composite images are excellent."
- AntPics

"I attended Andrew's Compositing Workshop and I found him to be a good teacher, he had a good knowledge of the subject and showed me things I didn't know was possible with PS, and he had some brilliant ideas he was also very patient. I would definitely attend another workshop."
- Dennis Durack

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