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Creative Fiction written by Andrew Dobell

When I'm pressed about what it is that i do, the best answer i can give is that I like to tell stories. 
Often I tell these stories in a visual way through either Illustration or Photography (or a mix of the 2).
But I have also, for a long time now, enjoyed writing stories as well. 

I have written stories for years. When i was a teenager I started to play various Role Playing Games.
This meant i was creating stories and characters all the time in order to run or play the games.
As time went on, I started to write short stories set in these worlds that would serve as
hand outs to the players to read that would help set the scene. 

My first novel came about much later after settling down with my wife,
and although I was not playing the RPG's so much, (and haven't done for a long time now) I still enjoyed the stories.
So I decided to try and write my first book. 
That book was Epic Calling, the first book in the Magi Saga.
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The Magi Saga grew from several of the Role Playing games that i used play, and the characters that i created for them. 
When I knew I wanted to write my own stories, I extracted the characters that were mine and create a whole new world of my own around them. 
That became the world of the Magi Saga. 
The world I have created is huge, and the main story only touches on parts of it,
so I have ideas to create other stories set within the world of the Magi Saga, as well as the main narrative.

The Main Character, Amanda, was a character that I created for a friends game back when i was a teenager.
But, I was unable to play her, so I had to change to a different one. 
However, I like the character so much that I had to do something with her. So, I used her as an NPC (Non-Player Character) in my own games.
She ended up in a recurring role, and as time went on, grew to be one of the most important characters in the game. 

So when it came time to create my own world and the stories within it, Amanda was the natural choice for the main protagonist. 
Many other characters from my games have also made the transition, sometimes in name only. 

It's been a fun ride so far and I love the process of writing and coming up with stories, so I'm looking forward to taking it forward. 

The first book in the Magi Saga is available to buy on Kindle and as a Printed book exclusively through Amazon. 
You can buy it here!

The MAGI Saga, Book 1. 

Dark & ancient gods, once our cruel masters, who slumber in shadow, now begin to stir.

The Magi.
Ordinary people with an extraordinary gift, the ability to weave magic and miracles.

Since the time of the dark gods, the Magi have fought amongst themselves.
A war between those who fight the Archons, and those who serve them.
Now, a 2000 year old Prophecy of one woman, a Magi, who would fight the Archons and save us all,
may be fulfilled, by the most unlikely of girls.

Amanda by Adam Hughes

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